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We want your views July 17, 2008

Filed under: Your Views — Tracey AKA rattytatty @ 4:00 am

So we want to know, What do you like about This Thursday, what do you think needs to change.

Do you like the  challenges, do you think they are to hard to to easy.

Do you like the fact that we are picking guest designers from entrants.

Do you want prizes, or not

Do you like the downloads and projects

Did you like the fact that you were informed if your project was chosen in our top 15 or do you prefer to come and take a look

We want This Thursday to grow with the people who support us, so your opinions matter.

We would like you to nominate guest designers who you would like to see.

Use this post to post your opinions about This Thursday anytime you want


One Response to “We want your views”

  1. I hope this helps because I really have nothing new to add, but I do love this challenge just the way it is! I can’t imagine that changing it would make it better, and I like that you give a theme and then let everyone interpret it in their own way. I think the prizes are wonderful, and I appreciate the emails. I really can’t think of one thing to change or add.

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