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Challenge 15 round up October 2, 2008

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Hello everyone.

Well for some reason entries this week have dropped to a very small 10 .  I am hoping that its just an unpopular challenge theme that has caused this.  However entries as usual have been stunning, so all of them are in the slider.

So here are this weeks entries

The number chosen by random number selection is 6 and that means that Rosie is this weeks lucky winner, of the wonderful wax seals and wax sticks.

So we would like to thank again our sponsor  I am sure that many of us will  be burning big holes in our pockets especially with your amazingly vast selection of 7 gypsies goodies.

We would also like to thank Fatma for her great examples. My favorite was definatly the really colourful book cover although the post it notes were great as was the Fatma Tuit. If you want to see more of Fatmas work her blog is Here


4 Responses to “Challenge 15 round up”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it – I won the wax seals from 7 Gypsies! How exciting is that? OMG – thank you random number generator – LOL!!
    Tracey if you need my addy let me know and thanks once again – there were some fab examples this week weren’t there?

    I was just saying to DH how much I’d love to win those seals – used to have one about 30 years ago…!!! Thanks again!!

  2. Caroline Says:

    I did a similar challenge theme on my blog and did not have much participation either…I would not worry about it…keep your chins up and the art flowing…after all that is why you created this wonderful site 🙂

  3. susie Says:

    Well done Rosie, I’ll be round next weekend to borrow them seals!! lOl

    Caroline,Yes it was abit thin on the ground last week wasn’t it but I suppose we have to take the up’s with the downs and soldier on!! As long as were having fun its all that matters!

  4. Cazzy Says:

    Lovely entries, I was going to play but I wasn’t well the day I had to post the card photo and I had messed it up and wasn’t happy to use it, I wanted to redo it but I couldn’t on the day.

    I have a few things I needed a round tuit for!

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